A Case of the Blues

Hello reader,

I’ve been doing a bunch of portrait photo sessions lately so I figured I should make a post of some of my more recent ones.  Funnily enough the last two ladies I shot with both had blue hair.  img_2873-2

I was lucky to have met Helen Chung earlier this year when we were both working on a music video in LA.  She’s a very down to earth person and she’s got jokes too (check out her instagram @helen.chung).


I had heard a lot of good things about the arts district in downtown Los Angeles so we met up there and walked around.  img_2844

This wall matched her hair a little too perfectly haha.  img_2851

Since Little Tokyo was right around the corner we made a quick trip there for some more moody/neon shots.img_2947 img_2952 img_2977 img_3007

Had to go to the hotline bling tunnel of course.


A few weeks later just in time for Halloween, I met up with Michelle Dao (@thewickedlady) for an extra spooky photo session.  I had asked around about abandoned houses in my area and a coworker actually brought on to my attention in Murrieta.  After scoping it out a bit we met up and actually went in.  Weird experience really, because I had no idea if anyone was using it as their home like someone homeless.  Fortunately the only thing we had to worry about was falling through the holes in the floor.img_3340

I really wanted to delve into the whole creepy thing with Michelle because her whole aesthetic has always been very gothic, so it was a no-brainer for the Halloween season.img_3367 wicked4 img_3329

Lots of leftover props like the black roses and stuffed animal I think were left from previous shoots, as well as the fake blood on the bathtub.img_3260-2 img_3409 img_3428 img_3220 img_3520

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