My name is Joseph Carter; amateur writer, photographer, and mechanic. My wife Jamie and I aspire only for our cars to be the best we can make them. As long as we are happy with the results, that’s what matters most.

We represent Project Zero, as a crew and family.

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Me: @thejoezilla

Jamie: @its.jme.yo

PZ: @therealprojectzero

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This site is a journal of progress more than anything, to share with friends, family and who ever else is able to stumble upon it. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Joe: I really like that VIP table. Could you tell me where I can find the chrome edge banding that was used for the table? I am currently trying to make a custom table for myself.

    1. Author

      Hi Allen, sorry but I don’t really know where to get that. The guy who did mine had his own sources.. If I can find his number/email I could ask him for you or pass it on. I’ll let you know. Thanks for checking out the blog btw.

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