Woohoo. Michiharu Kusunoki brings out a new chapter to the Wangan Expressways. Excited? Kind of. On the cover is a FD with some guy I’ve never seen before next to it. What happened to the Z???? If they continue the anime to go along with the manga at least that’ll give me something to look forward to…Read More →

Honda Prelude Bullet Commercial [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1Bq-gh0LJA&fs=1&hl=en_US] As corny as it is it inspires me. I love my car. Couple day ago i went with Ron to pick up his SC. Just had the water pump radiator and timing belt replaced at a place here in Temecula that catered to only Toyotas and Lexuses. When we got there i was surprised. The place seemed very legit and the people there were very helpful. The SC400. Nothing new on it. 1UZ FE… What some would cal “JDM muscle”. Uber powerful… Ron getting gas… yeah its candid haha sorry for forgetting to tell you Ron Yesterday Jamie and iRead More →

So, still thinking about bippu stuff. havent seen a vip prelude ever (*cough* probably cuz they arent supposed to be *cough*) so i was busy at work making this prelude look cool with some rims i might be buying. lowered it, removed the wing, added my roofwing and mugen rears, and all in microsoft paint hahaha. The original   Joezilla Edition more to come soonRead More →

Well… not really. I’m just trying to stay awake because I’m not looking forward to going to school in the morning. So heres some “behind the scenes” bull that i felt like posting from a little photoshoot Cool Kids Hmm? More butts bad angle I have no idea whose prelude this is but I really like those ap1 wheels… Thats it I’m gonna try to actually sleep now…Read More →

This right here is Phil Ngo’s Prelude. I wanted to post it because it’s my all time favorite lude, and also because hes starting to part it out now and I doubt t’ll ever look like this again. So yeah, just wanted to post up a legend. In my eyes anyways. The most significant thing I think that stands out on this lude, aside from the other little things that make this car so unique, are the custom diffusers on the Mugen rear valances and the diffuser in the middle of the rear bumper.. So I was on the hunt yesterday for a bippu styleRead More →

Or rather, old cars. Jamie had been on her search for a black, non-pignosed, fastback s13 for probably the past 5 months until she was ready to buy one with a silvia front when her insurance company gave her a price. We’ll just say it wasnt in her best interests to g0 down that path. She has a job but the insurance was too much. So now we’re in pursuit of a good priced EG, EK or a 4th generation prelude and keeping our eyes open for maybe even an S14. Me on the other hand, I just got a job that requires me toRead More →