We have a lot to do to prepare for the Chronicles Anniversary meet in a few weeks.  I was able to recondition the battery on Jamie’s car to get it working again (it stopped working because it sat for a long time without ever being started up.) Also installed the ZeroSports / Blitz intake.  It’s not running correctly with the intake right now, might need to get a tune or if worse comes to worst use the stock intake box for the drive then swap out for the show.  Also been looking into relocating the battery to the trunk. For now, this is how sheRead More →

The last few weeks have been kind of slow actually.  Aside from Extreme Autofest there hasn’t been a lot going.  We visited JT to give him my old flywheel to use on his wagon.  I don’t have too many pictures of this thing, but it really is a crazy build.  It’s already RWD and he recently painted the engine bay gold.  He just got his wire harness back from iWire and was getting ready to put the engine in and get everything up and running. A few days later I took the time to clean out my EGR valve on the Prelude.  It was throwing anRead More →

As most people already know, Jamie’s GF8 is currently undergoing an engine swap.  We’ve been saving for it for quite a while and finally decided to get it done for this year’s show season. We’re hoping for everything to be finished in the next couple weeks.  Stay tuned!Read More →

Okay, first I wanted to start out by saying that the last few weeks were pretty busy for us.  This weekend especially.   Getting Jamie’s car ready for FD has been pretty nerve wracking but we were able to pull it off.  We got the parts back from Erik and installed them.  I had my eyes on the S201 hood scoop since I saw a few GC8’s at Subaru Summer Solstice with it last year.  Finally got the eyelids color matched and side skirts as well. As you can probably tell by the new watermark (and also because I was too lazy to save allRead More →

Brought the wheels home Thursday night.  It’s no secret any more that we ordered some TE37v’s through our friends at Unlimited Auto Craft.  Friday evening we made a trip up to Walnut to pick up a few new body pieces for Jamie’s car for Formula D.  Then we left them with Erik at West Jones Auto where we got the car done originally.  Erik’s a great guy and always goes the extra mile for his customers.  He even delivered a part for us at Subifest last year just so we could be ready to show. Just across the street from the paint shop, there was aRead More →