The night before Subifest Jamie and I were scrambling to make sure her car would make it to Pomona. First things first, we took the car to our buddies at Unlimited Autocraft to raise the car up a little and tighten the suspension up. We also got some new lugnuts to replace those bronzed out (we still don’t know how they went from black to bronze) NRG lugs. Then we took the wagon home for a car wash and painting a few parts. No grill ūüôā We got about 3 to 4 hours of sleep before we woke up and got ready at 5. TheRead More →

Jamie went on an adventure on her own today and brought the gf8 to Unlimited Autocraft for the guys to do a little work. We’ve been in frequent contact with Brandon the owner and a few of the guys that work there for a little project we’re working on bringing to life, but I’d never actually been in the shop, so it was cool for me to see the pictures Jamie took We’ll be rolling with these guys and their caravan to Subiefest this Saturday…Read More →

Earlier today Charles hit me up about a little subaru photoshoot they were doing for the guys at Unlimited Auto Craft. Charles drives a G35 which i posted up here before for our mini meet. I still can’t believe I did this, but as soon as Jamie got home I started work on her car. First thing was painting the hood. No way did we want a two tone thing going on. As the paint was drying I went ahead and removed some¬†unnecessary¬†items per Jamie’s request…The final result was…. pretty appealing. Charles and Harvey taking shots of the GF8. Chalres’ G has undergone a fewRead More →

Started messing with the hood for the Impreza. Sanded down the scoop and painted it. Just waiting for those vents… using grill wire mesh for now. Expecting them in on Monday…  Read More →