So I went to pick up the Mugen replica bumper. I was actually planning on heading out this morning but since I drove to work last night I thought it would be more convenient to drop by Anaheim to pick up the bumper, or at least try and make it fit in my car. Let’s just say the ride home was a little cramped.But we manged to fit it in! Well… fit it in well enough anyways. So I woke up early and started on this little project.. The bumper was painted Subaru Rally Blue which happens to be the color Jamie wants to paintRead More →

Last weekend picked up Jamie’s anniversary gift for our two years. Painted it And today she picked it up. I got pretty lucky. I found it on her forum but thought it was just a stock midwing off of an Outback Sport. Turned out to be a midwing off of a JDM sti wagon. Usually around 300 dollars and got it for 80. Used of course but a great deal and not too far away. Should turn out like this… Been planning on getting a custom made VIP table for the past month now. Been talking to a guy who is able to make themRead More →

I’m not really sure where to start but I guess this is as good a start as any. This is just the garden behind the office I work at in Long Beach. I ate lunch here today. I haven’t really been posting anything lately because I’ve been working. The time I have off I’d rather just be resting. Today I finally put in Jamie’s anniversary present. First I bought her an actual full short ram intake kit. For some reason though, the piping didn’t have enough ports for her little hoses, and it still needed an adapter for the sensor, so I ended up usingRead More →

…this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page. Love and tradition of the grand design, some people say it’s even harder to find. Sorry I was feeling very urkel/nostalgic. Anyways, long time no post eh? Heres some things that happened…. Jamie bought her wing for the Subie. After Some much needed TLC =] Met this dude at Burger King. Pretty simple DA but the wheels were nice and wide with some meaty tires MMMMMM I ended up putting in a new distributer rotor and an ignition coil off of a type S. Also my OEM woodgrain shiftknob arrived… That happenedRead More →

Couple days ago we went out with Dennis and his girlfriend Chermaine to do a “yin and yang” style shoot with the Teggys. Those pics will be up whenever Carl gets done with them. Until then heres a “behind the scenes” video of the shoot and the few pics of Jamie and I from that day. [youtube=] AUTOMATICally coolRead More →

Some pics of Boss Crew. Not really a fan of the orange lighting but whatever, we worked with what we had. Couples picture? ROSENDO interior Martinez Some behind the scenes stuff…. [youtube=] Try not to get sick with this one [youtube=]Read More →