End of April

I’m a few weeks late in writing this post.  I had the most awesome opportunity to shoot Gloria and Anthony’s wedding on the 29th of April.  Charles was able to come along and assisted in photos too.

It’s been really great to have been a part of the journey for these two.  Many months back I shot their engagement photos and seeing it unfold to this moment is amazing.IMG_6737-c IMG_6291 IMG_6395

Had to have a shot with the Lambo (got to keep this blog car related somehow right? lol).  This is one of my favorite pictures from that night.  I liked the framing of the columns and how the car isn’t centered.  It just felt right there.

Part of the night’s entertainment was some Lion Dancing.  Pretty cool stuff.  Made these two look like Chinese royalty for sure.IMG_6998
Gloria had about 3 different dresses for the evening and this red dress was picked out just for the father-daughter dance.  Red is traditionally considered a lucky color in Chinese culture.IMG_7045 IMG_8660 IMG_6658
I wish them the very best for their future.  It was an honor to capture these moments in our friends’ lives. Congrats guys!

The day before the wedding I was actually in LA again to meet up with Elissa and Cristina of Public Display of Apparel, a fashion blog they run.  I’m just starting to get into this type of photography and was excited to try out some different shots. I actually left from work in San Diego and drove up to LA.  It took me a good 3 and a half hours almost to get there because of traffic.  The crazy thing was I barely ate and didn’t bring any snacks or water with me so I was dying by the time I got there.  Lucky for me, without even asking they brought me a bottle of water. So awesome. W e met up at the Retna Wall on Melrose and started firing off some shots.
I really liked the lighting and color contrast of this location in the picture of Elissa below.  It’s too bad because it was actually a little courtyard that was part of a restaurant and we got promptly kicked out by a big security guard.
IMG_4561 IMG_4533 IMG_4520 IMG_4611 IMG_4454-2

That’s about it for this posts.  Looks like this blog is turning into more of a photography blog now.  Got some things going on the tonight and the next few days so expect a new post coming up soon!

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