Faces of the Philippines

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Normally I don’t post too much of my street photography photos, but it’s honestly one of my favorite styles of photography.  Street photography, in it’s most basic form, is the taking of candid photos of people in their everyday actions.  There’s no real rules to it. They can be remarkable instances in time caught by chance or totally out of context just to tell a story.  Most people shoot in all black and white but I like to add some with color that I feel tell the story better with color. I fell in love with the style over a year ago after coming across some photos by Erik Kim, which led me to be inspired even more by the work of the pioneers of the style like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank.  Then I finally got the courage to go out and try it myself in downtown LA.  I should write a post about that first time with those pictures.  One of the reasons I enjoy this shooting style so much is the rush you get from doing it, or at least the one I get anyways.  It’s not an easy thing to start pointing a DSLR at people at random and take a picture, not knowing how they will react or what they might think. The first time I tried I was using a 28mm lens and had to get pretty close to people so that made things even more awkward.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite shots of people in the Philippines from our two weeks there.  Enjoy.

img_1221 img_1229 img_1239 img_1855 img_2093 img_2162 img_2199 img_2214 img_2218 img_2229 img_2242 img_2289 img_2320 img_2327 img_2335 img_2351 img_2356 img_2373 img_2390 img_2402 img_2410 img_2426 img_2431 img_2437 img_2440

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