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So this is my first post. Today is friday. I’m at work. lol. So here it goes. This blog is gonna be dedicated to the progress of my car and my friends cars. Theres also gonna be some of my own personal life here but dont trip this isnt tumblr. So first i think i’ll introduce my car and maybe some of my friends cars…

So the prelude was my second car. 1997 base model auto ss. Night hawk black. I was sixteen and my previous car was a ford focus which got in an infamous crash, totaling the car. So when i got the prelude i knew close to nothing about cars. My dad told me he wanted to paint the car, maybe even get a body kit. Oh boy…

Oh, i had it all. The R34 body kit, the altezza tail lights, blue wire covers for my engine bay, blue neon lights inside, and of course to top it off a new red and black two tone paint job from maaco.

Gradually i started to learn what it was to have a honda and what the import scene was really about, and what jdm meant lol. After a year passed i was pissed off with my decisions. Man i coulda got the full mugen replica kit with a nice black paint job! for the same price or probably less than what my dad paid! Honestly though, I’m glad things happened the way they did. Or else i wouldn’t have learned from it all.

I happen to have some of the coolest friends. No matter how rice i got or how ridiculous my ideas were they were always pretty supportive haha. There’s Jeff with his 1991 300zx. Without him i wouldn’t have even ever been into cars. I went to my first meet with him in my ford focus. Then there’s Carl with his GSR. Hes been my Honda buddy, photo shoot buddy, whatever, for the longest time. He’s in JapLand as i type this. Check out his vids at his youtube page here. And of course there’s Ian in his hella flush TC. The illusive fourth member who’s never around because he works at stater bro.s haha. Then we got Rosendo whos one of the newer members with his kouki s14. Ro is one of the funniest people to be around, well all of us together and its a comedy show haha. There’s also Ron with his SC. We NEVER see him haha, hopefully we’ll see more of him in the future though. Oh yeah, and my girlfriend Jamie. Shes in the process of getting her s13 hatch… someday she’ll get it. We just gotta find the right one…

Hanging around with this bunch has taught me alot. Probably 40% of everything i know about cars was from hanging out with them. 40% from the internet. and only 20% from actual experience haha.

So heres whats happening to the prelude. I finally got enough money to paint my car black. (yes, the original color.). The way it was supposed to be. My cars been through alot. But it has changed for the better the most in the last year. I aquired my wings west front lip, that was run over by a guy in LA, which i sanded and bondoed until it was right again. Then i found my mugen rear valences that had to be riveted in order to fit right which i almost regret. The legendary rare roof wing i got from a guy on the prelude forum for cheap. Probably the best deal i ever got. The Tanabe SMR muffler that had to be welded by jeffs dad. Then i got on some generic coilovers and KYB gr2s and painted my wheels black finally. Thats not everything, just the things that stand out the most to me. All thats left was to paint my car.

So i found Henry from Black and White customs in San Bernardino who had just about the greatest deal for painting my car. It went in yesterday and we’ll see how it turns out on monday. (BTW sorry about the crappy pictures. I’m thinkinig of getting a nikon d90. I wanna take some epic quality shots…) *JC*

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  1. Cool man like what you guys have done rodger from alaska, ps save me as a friend on Facebook Roderick Winslow

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