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Los Angeles has always held a special place in my heart. So many memories with old and new friends. I’ve come to know it as a place where things really come in focus for me. I’ve had a lot of moments of clarity and inspiration during our little trips. Not to say that every day there has been a creative epiphany, but there have been the few times that have really allowed me to grow as an artist in some way or another. This most recent trip really helped me grow in my confidence with my street photography. I say this so many times in this blog, but I really enjoy street photography. There’s something about that raw connection to strangers and the hunt for the shot, it’s pretty exciting and really fun.

I’ve been telling myself I need to make my way out to Chinatown for the Lunar New year since we miss it every year, so this year when I noticed it was coming up we made an effort to come up and Paul came with us. Paul will be leaving for a few months to Sydney to visit his girlfriend so he’s been wanting to tag along to practice his street/travel photog skills for his trip.

You know what’s interesting about our generation? I really don’t think anyone really reads an article anymore. I’d be lucky if you’ve read this far completely without skimming through, let alone scrolling all the way down and back up just to see all the pictures first.

Sorry to throw that subject in there so suddenly. I was just writing this and thinking about it. To the few people out there who truly read my writing, thank you so much. I appreciate anyone who stops to even take a look at this blog to be honest. Anyways, back to Chinatown. It’s actually been years since I’ve been to Chinatown. As a teenager my parents would frequently take my sister and I to browse the shops and eat. We made sure to eat at the Golden Dragon first for some dim sum. The wait is always terribly long but it’s worth it. After lunch we explored some of the surrounding areas and alleys. There’s some really interesting places like this courtyard with old elevators.

I clearly remember from one of our family trips when I was younger that there was a big festival for the lunar new year with lion dancing and acrobatic performances. Although that was what I was hoping to see, we didn’t see any of that. What we did end up coming across was large groups of people with confetti poppers which ended up being the perfect environment to shoot in.

This post is regrettably taking much longer for me to write than usual. As I’ve been writing it I’ve found myself again and again deciding to postpone it because there are other photos I want to add to it. It’s also given me a chance to rewrite and add things over this three to four week process, over which I’ve had my many dips of creative blocks and the few highs of artistic inspiration. I had the chance to do some behind the scenes photo and video for my good friend Albert Posis’ new music video which is being filmed by Charles. Here’s a few of my favorites from the first night of filming.

 Always an honor working with Charles. Amazing what he can make happen and come to life.

After digging through countless boxes in my dad’s old storage unit, then helping them move into their new house, I was finally able to get my hands on my father’s old Canon AE-1 Program. He still had an unused roll of Kodak 125 Plus-X Pan ready to be used, but after realizing they don’t make it anymore I decided to save it for when I actually had a good feel for the camera. Instead I bought some easy to find Fuji ProX 400 and learned how to load it from a youtube video. I brought it along with me to shoot a few photos in San Diego last weekend and I can’t wait to see how they actually turned out. Might be terrible. Here’s some photos from my 6D of that same day.

Since my last post dealt with how I get a lot of inspiration from movies and shows I’ve watched I thought it would be cool to start including a few trailers at the end of my writing of things that I watched that I really enjoyed or discovered between posts. Here they are…

La La Land

If you haven’t seen it yet, see it asap. Charles kept insisting that we needed to watch this and I waited until Valentine’s to see it with Jamie. Just go see it. It’s so beautifully done and relatable, especially to us self-proclaimed dreamers and artists who can relate to the story about “making it big” but also to anyone who has an appreciation for musical theater and Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire classics.

Vanilla Sky

Remember how my last post talked about reality bending movies? Here’s another one. What comes off as a typical love story / chick flick from the trailer is actually a pretty crazy psychological drama with all the stylings of the year 2001.

In the Mood for Love

Inspirational for its always on the nose composition for both film and photography, every scene is set up to obey the rules yet it’s shot so that you feel like you’re part of each scene.

Same Drugs – Chance the Rapper

I liked this song when it first came out on Chance’s Coloring Book album but it wasn’t until this video came out that I really listened to the lyrics. Love the idea of the video as well, the part where it opens up to widescreen is easy to miss on a darker screen.

Summer – Marshmello

Just a really fun music video with no talking and a simple story. Song is pretty feel good also.

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