Love, Friends, and Rocks

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Looks like this was becoming a regularly occurring monthly thing until now. When I started writing this post back in March it was intended to be an introspection about my future, but now it’s also about love, friendship, and rocks (yep, rocks). I’ll need to back track a bit now to get started. It’s already the beginning of May now, but March is my birthday month and my wedding anniversary month.

March is a lot of things for me. I got married literally days before my 21st birthday. I could start off by saying that getting married that young wasn’t easy, but in truth, it really was easy. I knew I was ready to marry Jamie. It was one of the few things I was sure of, especially in that time of my life. We both knew we would be just fine together. The difficult part was dealing with the concerned looks, the astonished faces, the imaginative assumptions and judgement, especially from older people, people we had to respect, who had lived their lives and had their own experiences. Not to mention what our parents must have gone through. “How could they let them get married so young?”. In a way it felt selfish, but at the time we already knew what we wanted. Sometimes you need to do what you feel will make you most happy. Sometimes the simplest, most obvious route, isn’t really the one worth travelling. Sometimes I like to put on Peter Gabriel’s The Book of Love and just think about everything we’ve been through, how far we’ve come, and all the possibilities of our future. *Cue the dozens of clicks from people leaving the blog because those last few sentences were just too cheesy.

Okay, I guess what I’m getting at is that Jamie and I have had a pretty amazing relationship. We definitely aren’t the same people we were when we met, but we’ve grown so much in front of each other and even though we are both different people now, our relationship is even stronger.  So, in order to celebrate our 5 year anniversary we just had to go to Vegas with some of our closest friends and family.

In this past year I’ve been to Vegas more often than any other time in my life.  Pretty funny.  But honestly, it’s become a pretty special place to us. We have family there and friends, too many memories and fleeting moments of freedom and positivity.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep up the momentum with shoots after I slowed down a bit a few months ago.  Lots of playing around with studio lighting and colored gel filters.

As well as the studio style shots I’ve been working a lot on trying different tones.  I think I’m finally finding my “style” when it comes to shooting portraits to my own liking.

Can’t forget about these few street photography gems from these last couple months either.  I recently got my hands on a FujiFilm X-70 and it’s made taking discrete shots way easier.  Most people automatically disregard the X-70 when they see it because it’s a point and shoot and not a huge DSLR pointing at them, the tilting screen helps loads too for being subtle and candid.  Almost feels like cheating.

I ended up meeting with the photobros and Jojo last week in Balboa Park for some shooting fun.  I brought all of my equipment and ended up only using the X-70 because of its convenience.  I really love this camera. It’s obviously not replacing my 6D, but it’s so easy to slip into your front pocket and just carry around for those unexpected “decisive moment” times.

One thing that I’ve become even more aware of the last few months, is that real, true friendship, from people who genuinely care about you, who want to see you succeed, and who are there for you even when you’re on your last limb can more valuable than anything next to love itself. It can take you by surprise. It can be the medicine for your mood. It can motivate and instigate. But most importantly, it is built on respect for that individual. Without that, you really need to ask if they are a real friend or if they just have the title.

Do you really need a “friend” who is constantly condescending but you put up with it because you’ve “known them for years”? How about a relationship with that toxic bestie that is always right about everything and views the world in only one point of view? But that’s okay right? Because they have the best intentions… right?

I’m not trying to say you should cut ties with these people or that they are lost causes.  Although it’s not easy to have a talk about things like this directly, most real friends will understand and chill out when you do. But ask yourself this: if you have to keep asking those questions, do you really need someone like that in your life or are you just keeping them around for sentimental reasons?

I’ve talked enough about how lucky I am for the few real good friends I have on this blog so I’ll spare you that. I believe that having great friends is only half the equation. Being that good friend is the other half. There’s a saying about how the universe works, that what you give you will inevitably receive in return in some form.  If you’re constantly emanating negativity then in return negativity will gravitate toward you. On the other hand, if you are constantly doing your best to radiate in positive vibes and perspectives, positive events and people will suddenly be more available to you, easily overshadowing the little bits of negativity that could have potentially added up to create a stressful and depressed environment for you. And that’s when a real friend comes in, when you’re down or trying to figure things out, not to tell you how to do things or remind you of what you did wrong, but to remind you that life will throw rocks at you like a school bully in the playground. Anyone can tell you to pick one up and throw it back harder in anger and frustration, but a real friend will tell you this: Life is what you make it. If life is throwing rocks at you, you do have the power to catch a rock and chisel it down into a work of art if you choose.

More weird and cool stuff (got to stay consistent right?):

Weezer – Buddy Holly

Always been fascinated by how the heck they put this all together.  As someone who used to stay up and watch Happy Days on Nick at Nite on the weekdays, pretty crazy to see everything blended together so well.  Aside from the obvious cutting and merging the actual videos, just the way it was all planned out story-wise is impressive.

Slushii – I Still Recall

This music video is just awesome.


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