Morning Hikes and Beach Blunders

As we’re still making it a point to go and and do something every weekend, I figured I would just start posting more often here on my blog and share it (what a concept, I know).  We started our Sunday morning with a hike up Monserate Mountain.  Since we live in Temecula and I work in San Diego, I drive past this mountain every weekday morning on my way out of town.  I honestly don’t even remember how I found out about the hiking trail, but it’s been on my list of places to check out for a few months now.  We tried to get there earlier but it turned out to be good timing anyways as the sun has just started peaking out over the mountains when we got to the trail head.  Lots of people going up with their hiking sticks and lots of dogs around too.  We brought our Shina Inu Jetson with us because I read it was dog friendly. I think he had an even better time than we did.


The road on the right hand side in the above photo is the 15 freeway.  If you’re not from California, the 15 basically runs North and South inland from San Diego all the way up to Canada.  We know it mostly as either “the way to San Diego” or “the way to Las Vegas”.  The hike was a pretty good leg workout, especially for us couch potatoes.  Lots of steep inclines and rocky sections where you need to watch your footing, but overall not too bad.  The views are definitely worth it.


I know plenty of people that would complain about living in Temecula because there’s nothing to do and everything is far away. It’s true, Temecula is a great place to raise kids, so the nightlife isn’t exactly amazing, and it’s also at least an hour away from both San Diego and Los Angeles.  I recently went out to the wine country and took some pictures of the hot air balloons going up, something I hadn’t seen for a really long time. I forgot how beautiful the area really was.  I guess it’s as simple as saying that when you’re out looking for something you think is missing, it’s easy to take for granted what you already have.


After a quick hike up and back down, we headed back home.  Speaking of LA, I’d been wanting to check out Laguna Beach’s 1000 step beach, so we took Ortega Hwy and headed over there after our hike.  When we got there we were greeted by a dense fog and overcast skies. As we looked down the coastline it seemed that the tide had gotten pretty high as well.IMG_1545

Because of the high tide, we weren’t able to get too much farther than the caves.  The goal was to get to the pools on the other side of the caves but the water made it too hard to get around.IMG_1532

There was a point where this whole cave was flooded with water while we were in it.  A bit scary holding my 6D and having my T3i and some lenses in a backpack when the water quickly came up to my shins.


Jamie ended up finding out the hard way that the waves were higher and stronger than expected.  She stood on a rocky area to look over at the water and ended up being pushed down, scratched up and bruised.  Luckily she didn’t get hurt too bad.  It could have been a lot worse with all the rocks around.


The architecture of Laguna Beach is pretty amazing.  It reminds me a bit of La Jolla to the South but these houses are much higher up, each with a long private staircase coming down to the beach.  Unfortunately, the weather made our visit slightly underwhelming. Along with Jamie’s injuries, we decided to call it a day and headed up the coast for some dry clothes for her.  We had a lot more planned for the day but Jamie’s mishap cut things short.


I had originally planned our trip to LA so I could pick up some used tires from our friend Brian Cho.  Of course I had to include something automotive related on this blog.


I have a few other pictures of his S2000 on my blog, but it’s always nice to see in person.  I saw him recently put up these wheels for sale as well.

We decided to make it a mission to go back to 1000 steps beach some day.  I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of things I wanted to.  We’ll be back in LA this weekend, so expect another update next week.  I’m hoping to keep it consistent with weekly updates, granted that our adventures are interesting enough.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read!

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