Night Out


I sat in the back seat, listening carefully as the man in the driver’s seat told me his story.  With a smoke in hand he told me a little about himself: how he was in town to visit his son, how he served time, and most importantly, what his dreams were for the future and his motivations to succeed.  On his hat he had a spiral like symbol.  I overlooked it on first glance but when he got into his story about who he was he explained what it meant.  The Unalome is a symbol of reaching enlightenment.  It’s an ancient symbol going back thousands of years of Buddhist origin.


About an hour earlier, I was “loitering” in front of the Beer Co. in downtown San Diego waiting for my contacts from Elaborate Minds Inc. to meet me for an event they had asked me to cover.  Ra showed up to drop off his sound equipment along with another guy named Brikk, who I’d never met before.  After unloading, I walked back with them as they went to park their car and wait for the others to show up.  The car had Wisconsin plates on it.  It was Brikk’s.  He sat in the driver’s seat, lit up a smoke, and proceeded to tell me his story.IMG_2336

It was sort of a rare night for me.  I was alone; Jamie wasn’t feeling well and had some other plans. I was invited to shoot by rapper One (aka OneHunned),Curly and Ra, his producers, all of whom I had just met a week ago.  A couple years ago I might not have gone out alone like that without really knowing anyone, but I’ve had a bit of an adventurous spirit lately and that night really was kind of an adventure.


It wasn’t that hard to enjoy myself.  One is a pretty down to earth guy.  He introduced me to a lot of people and I was able to get my business cards out there.  Between all the drinks the guys bought me and the good music, the vibe was very good.

It also helped to unexpectedly see a familiar face in the crowd.  Somehow I always run into Charlene at events in SD.IMG_2614 IMG_2781

Ra and Curly.  Very fun guys to be around, especially when there’s alcohol involved.


The dance floor was alive with movement so I scooted myself up front to get some shots, particularly of this girl with braids who seemed to be really into the music. IMG_3240 IMG_3222 IMG_3428

I really wish I had more room on stage but it was pretty limited.  It was basically an overlook where the VIP tables usually are, so I couldn’t get many shots of the performers from directly in front.IMG_2885 IMG_3488

As the event winded down I headed back to my car a couple blocks away at Horton Plaza.  It was almost fitting that my night out by myself ended by walking through the empty shopping area.  I took it upon myself to take some pictures of the place while no one was around.IMG_4093 IMG_4117

That’s all for this story.

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