Hello reader, After a night’s rest in Manila, we were back to traveling again.  This time we were traveling by car and headed to Talisay to hike up Taal Crater, the second most active volcano in the Philippines. After a two and a half hour ride we arrived at a local resort where we would be staying the night. Our driver and guide Romeo led us to the patio and pool area while we waited for our room to be ready. After we freshened up, we headed down to the dock a short walk away to get on a boat that would take us to theRead More →

Hello reader, After a 13 hour flight, a few hours layover in Cebu, and another short flight, we were finally in Manila.  Leaving the airport I took a few photos of people. Just as I had been told, Manila was full of traffic. Cars and pedestrians were weaving through self invented lanes, many of them coming less than an arms reach or closer to our own van as we exited the airport in a slow crawl. Many people served as a constant reminder of the prominent reality of poverty in the Philippines. We arrived in Bonifacio Global City before noon where we were staying at aRead More →

Hello reader, I just got back home from an adventure filled two week trip in the Philippines with my wife and family.  I learned a lot about my people’s culture and about myself as well. I got to see some incredible places and experiences I don’t think I will ever forget along with meeting some of the kindest and story-filled people. Of course I’ll get to writing all about it. I’m going to write a post for every major stop we made. Our first day in Manila. Our trip to the tropical limestone islands in Coron, Palawan.  Road trips to history filled areas like Tagaytay and Baguio.Read More →

Long time no see!  Time for another update.  Since my last post I’ve had a couple shoots and a trip to the zoo as well as our Vegas trip for Wuste, the Euro car show. Stopped by Fashion Week San Diego to check out the runway action and the fashionable people attending, including this cool little pug. Then I had a shoot with Jamie from Cotton and Cabernet to show off a dress from Gray Door Boutique. Also a quick trip to the San Diego zoo with Jamie, my sister Jackie, and my cousin Oshea and friends. Finally, a little Wuste and Las Vegas coverage.Read More →

I’m a few weeks late in writing this post.  I had the most awesome opportunity to shoot Gloria and Anthony’s wedding on the 29th of April.  Charles was able to come along and assisted in photos too. It’s been really great to have been a part of the journey for these two.  Many months back I shot their engagement photos and seeing it unfold to this moment is amazing. Had to have a shot with the Lambo (got to keep this blog car related somehow right? lol).  This is one of my favorite pictures from that night.  I liked the framing of the columns and how theRead More →

I sat in the back seat, listening carefully as the man in the driver’s seat told me his story.  With a smoke in hand he told me a little about himself: how he was in town to visit his son, how he served time, and most importantly, what his dreams were for the future and his motivations to succeed.  On his hat he had a spiral like symbol.  I overlooked it on first glance but when he got into his story about who he was he explained what it meant.  The Unalome is a symbol of reaching enlightenment.  It’s an ancient symbol going back thousandsRead More →

Kind of a late post but I really need to update the blog.  It’s been a while.  Last weekend I stopped by Promax to do some behind the scenes video and photo coverage of a music video for San Diego based rapper One Hunned. Had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Helen Chung as well and did some shots of her when we had some down time.Read More →

We drove up to LA to hangout with Jamie’s cousins on Saturday night. After a night of arcade games, Thai food, Lee’s coffee and beers, we headed home around 2:30 in the morning. For some reason, a few hours earlier while we were hanging out, we decided it would be a good idea to go hiking near the Hollywood sign in the morning. Around 3am I called up my old friend Rob, he said he had been awake and was down to hike. We got home and closed our eyes for about 30 minutes, then got ready to drive an hour and a half back toRead More →

As we’re still making it a point to go and and do something every weekend, I figured I would just start posting more often here on my blog and share it (what a concept, I know).  We started our Sunday morning with a hike up Monserate Mountain.  Since we live in Temecula and I work in San Diego, I drive past this mountain every weekday morning on my way out of town.  I honestly don’t even remember how I found out about the hiking trail, but it’s been on my list of places to check out for a few months now.  We tried to get there earlier butRead More →

Jamie and I aren’t the most outdoorsy people we know.  Neither of us have spent a night camping in our lives. Lately though, we’ve been feeling a lot more adventurous. Hungry for something different than the norm, I’ve set my sights on getting our WRX off the floor and more capable of getting us places we wouldn’t normally visit.  The first steps were getting the car tuned and running at a decent level. The guys over at Metro Performance, a new shop in Murrieta, did a great job of fixing up the car and tuning it to squeeze out some extra power while keeping itRead More →