So the Prelude failed smog last week and I’ve been working on getting it ready to pass. My old intake ripped near the connection to the throttle body and other places, and I guess the smog tech didnt like the electric tape i used to try and hide it. Along with my numbers being a little high, I also failed the visual test because of an aftermarket oil cap (total BS). So to replace my old Type S intake my dad was nice enough to get me an AEM V2 for my birthday. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new part like this.Read More →

In what seems to be becoming a yearly tradition with my family, we rang in the new year by checking out the San Diego Auto Show again. Like I said in my post about the show last year, the SD auto show is usually just a rerun of the LA Auto Show, just in a different location.  I don’t mind the location at all.  Downtown San Diego is so clean and just overall easier on the eyes than DTLA. I started my day with some McNastiness and we were off to check out some of the newest cars the year had to offer. It wasRead More →

In my previous post about visiting Promax a few weeks ago I talked a bit about Anthony and Glorias cars.  Anthony’s personal favorite may be his GTR wagon, but it’s clear that his flagship is his Lamborghini Aventator. Not to be out-shown, Gloria herself has her own Ferrari 458, newly wrapped in a matching white vinyl, and a Hello Kitty on the hood. Just because. Normally I’m not too big on exotics. Mostly because when I see them, they’re usually just stock. I get it, it’s an expensive car, that’s really, really fast. But the owner has put little to none of their own personalityRead More →

This is going to be another one of my few camera/photography related posts.  So if you came here for car stuff, you may want to check out my previous or next post.  Anyways, where to start?  Back in 2010/2011 I was trying to shoot and edit videos with an old camcorder.  Way back then, was about the time I started this blog as well.  If you go that far back and look at my posts you’ll see they’re all phone camera pics.  Back then I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this blog.  I wanted to record my day to day car relatedRead More →

This past weekend we drove up to LA to meet up with our friend Gloria and her fiance. Gloria is Jamie’s closest friend, they’re a lot like sisters, so of course Jamie is her maid of honor and has been coming up to see her about every other week. Her fiance Anthony owns a shop called Promax in the San Gabriel Valley.  It was my first time meeting him, but from what I could tell, Anthony is a really cool guy with a great history of owning some really amazing cars. Walking into the garage there was an assortment of some very interesting cars thatRead More →

We have a lot to do to prepare for the Chronicles Anniversary meet in a few weeks.  I was able to recondition the battery on Jamie’s car to get it working again (it stopped working because it sat for a long time without ever being started up.) Also installed the ZeroSports / Blitz intake.  It’s not running correctly with the intake right now, might need to get a tune or if worse comes to worst use the stock intake box for the drive then swap out for the show.  Also been looking into relocating the battery to the trunk. For now, this is how sheRead More →

Met up with the Rumble Alliance bros Ron and Rome this evening to wash our cars.  Took my camera with me because I know this blog has been really lacking lately.  It was nice to catch up and clean my car really well for once without the fear of knowing in a few weeks it would be just as dirty again.  Now that we have an actual garage I hope the WRX will actually stay clean for more than a few weeks. Finally, both Subies in the garage.  Now to do some real work on Jamie’s car. It’s recently become a haven for the localRead More →

It’s been a crazy busy month for Jamie and I.  First my mom had a major surgery, then we moved into a new place, then Jamie left for the Philippines for a few weeks (she’s still there right now).  So I took some time to actually clean up the prelude a bit.  I bought a turtle wax headlight restoration kit and got to work on it.Read More →

The last few weeks have been kind of slow actually.  Aside from Extreme Autofest there hasn’t been a lot going.  We visited JT to give him my old flywheel to use on his wagon.  I don’t have too many pictures of this thing, but it really is a crazy build.  It’s already RWD and he recently painted the engine bay gold.  He just got his wire harness back from iWire and was getting ready to put the engine in and get everything up and running. A few days later I took the time to clean out my EGR valve on the Prelude.  It was throwing anRead More →