So after about 10 hours we got the axle on. We stripped a lug nut and the stud (again -_-) but whatever. Im just glad im not riding dangerously lol. huge ass socket huge ass mess On another note. Heres a z i saw online. Thought it was amazing… wish i could have found more pics…Read More →

So its been a while and i feel like i need to catch up on doing a new post (not that anyone reads this but oh well). So a few little things happened the past week. Finally got the mugen sides and put them on. The nissan buddys stopped by That day Ro, Jeff, and I were talking about the s14 and the prelude. They’re both 1997 cars and we were talking about how they were similar classes (i know ones fwd and ones rwd bare with me). They were the sport cars that werent the NSX or the Skyline but the ones anyone couldRead More →

So i heard about this last year and its coming up again this year. Thinking of going. Not entering of course just checking it out. If anyones interested: DATE: August 14th 2010 (Saturday) TIME: 11am – 7pm ADMISSION: $12 at the door (kids under 10 free) ADDRESS: 100 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA. 90012 *JC*Read More →

So today i was driving around post. Theres a few nice looking cars on base. I decided to whip out the ol’ iphone and take pictures of what i could to give you an idea of what i see. Some of these cars are pretty nice aside from the fact that they are stuck out in the desert constantly being doused in dust. But when it coms down to it, it seems like there are so many cars that have been molested. heres the same green eg from my earlier post this z had an interesting spoiler that caught my eye… this is where theRead More →

So here it is. My car is finally the color it was meant to be. Of course there are many flaws to the paint. Its not perfect. But the car is the way i wanted it…Read More →

I work at Fort Irwin near Barstow. If you’ve ever been to Vegas You know where it is. About 3 hours away from where i live in the middle of the desert. Anyways. Today i saw this aztec green eg with gsr blades and a roof rack… and i couldnt resist…Read More →

I got to pick up the prelude this evening. Henry finished it up on sunday night but i still had work all day so it wasnt until tonight that i got to see it and drive it black for the first time in two years. The paint job wasnt amazing but it was pretty damn good for the $650 i paid. It still had the deep wet glossy black feel that i wanted. Theres alot of little things in the paint that will bother me forever but at least its all black now. Heres some pics of when i picked it up. Keep in mindRead More →

So this is my first post. Today is friday. I’m at work. lol. So here it goes. This blog is gonna be dedicated to the progress of my car and my friends cars. Theres also gonna be some of my own personal life here but dont trip this isnt tumblr. So first i think i’ll introduce my car and maybe some of my friends cars… So the prelude was my second car. 1997 base model auto ss. Night hawk black. I was sixteen and my previous car was a ford focus which got in an infamous crash, totaling the car. So when i got theRead More →