Prep for FD part 2 // Offset Kings at Formula D Long Beach 2014

Okay, first I wanted to start out by saying that the last few weeks were pretty busy for us.  This weekend especially.   Getting Jamie’s car ready for FD has been pretty nerve wracking but we were able to pull it off.  We got the parts back from Erik and installed them.  I had my eyes on the S201 hood scoop since I saw a few GC8’s at Subaru Summer Solstice with it last year.  Finally got the eyelids color matched and side skirts as well.


As you can probably tell by the new watermark (and also because I was too lazy to save all the pictures with separate watermarks with the usual ZillaProductions mark) I have recently had the privilege to join Project Zero along with Charles and Jamie was later “officially” invited as well.  I’ll be writing and shooting for PZ’s new blog (where you can find my in depth post about our trip).  Check it out when you get a chance!  They happen to be some really great people and I’m proud to be a member.

With this comes a few changes to the way this blog will be running.  I may have less to post up here than usual, but I’m going to make sure this is a more personal blog.  I’ve always treated this blog like a journal of our cars.  I actually found myself trying to figure out what pictures I should leave out or save for each blog.  Which is kind of cool in a way 🙂


Last week my 85mm lens came in.  I haven’t bought a new lens for my camera in about 2 years.  The 50mm was the newest one I had and I used it the most.  We went to go visit Charles and I tested it out.

IMG_4688e IMG_4770e IMG_4828e IMG_4765e IMG_4865e IMG_4713e IMG_5063eIMG_4725e

Friday Morning we were off to Long Beach!


0941Thanks to Royal Origin for this shot of us!

IMG_5350eThe show itself was pretty fun.  It was our first time showing at a big event like that so we were nervous at first.  I didn’t take too many pictures of the show itself.  More on the show in my post at STAYUNSAFE.comIMG_5472eIMG_5493eIMG_5447eIMG_5398eDerek’s S14… It’s funny I have pictures of this car from 2012 and now I know the guy haha.IMG_5468eRycke – Slammed version.IMG_5511eI think Jamie and Charles were very happy with how their cars turned out.IMG_5530eIMG_5532eIMG_5535eThat’s all for now.  Keep checking in!



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