The Filler

So its been a while and i feel like i need to catch up on doing a new post (not that anyone reads this but oh well). So a few little things happened the past week.

Finally got the mugen sides and put them on.

The nissan buddys stopped by

That day Ro, Jeff, and I were talking about the s14 and the prelude. They’re both 1997 cars and we were talking about how they were similar classes (i know ones fwd and ones rwd bare with me). They were the sport cars that werent the NSX or the Skyline but the ones anyone could own.  They don’t really make these kind of cars anymore. The s2k died off and the Z  is all the US market has left for nissan, and toyota’s been out since the supra. What i’m getting at is that the s14 and the prelude are the snapshot of the end of an era…

Went to little tokyo… heres a picture of a mexican resturant in little tokyo i thought was funny

my cousin

got my front right axle finally

and heres a sticker i got from The Chronicles that i thought was an awesome description for my car.

Ohh yeah and ro gave me a new shift knob. pretty sweet. Other than these things.. nothing really major… some stuff coming up though so watch out! lol who am i talking to.. i dont even know…

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