Wuste and etc.

Long time no see!  Time for another update.  Since my last post I’ve had a couple shoots and a trip to the zoo as well as our Vegas trip for Wuste, the Euro car show.


Stopped by Fashion Week San Diego to check out the runway action and the fashionable people attending, including this cool little pug.

IMG_7372 IMG_7482 IMG_7410

Then I had a shoot with Jamie from Cotton and Cabernet to show off a dress from Gray Door Boutique.

IMG_7658 IMG_7884-2

Also a quick trip to the San Diego zoo with Jamie, my sister Jackie, and my cousin Oshea and friends.

IMG_7931 IMG_7978 IMG_8034 IMG_7964 IMG_8097 IMG_7982 IMG_7950 IMG_8086-2

Finally, a little Wuste and Las Vegas coverage.


First stop: Shake ShackIMG_8123
Not sure how big of a fan I am.  It was my first time, but it seemed super buttery to me.  The fries were awesome though.


Random shot of this couple.

Very lucky to have Charles and Jojo with us.  They were our primary source of transportation and comedy.IMG_8182
We ended up getting pretty turnt up in downtown Vegas / Fremont.  We decided we probably didn’t need to lug around our cameras so there aren’t any pictures of that… fortunately.

The next morning we went out into the 110 degree sun to explore the strip a bit.
Everyone was generally enjoying the heat


We headed over to check out the cars at Wuste pretty late.  Only got pictures of Jaymarks car out of all the PZ cars in attendance.IMG_8299 IMG_8283
The new project zero banner.
IMG_8289 IMG_8312 IMG_8318 IMG_8320 IMG_8342 IMG_8356 IMG_8410 IMG_8414 IMG_8443 IMG_8449
Ran into JT at the show and it turned out that he had randomly parked right next to Jojo’s car.
Afterward we headed over to TopGolf near MGM with the Project Zero fam to meet up with Jamie’s cousin Lance and his friends.  This place is pretty awesome if you ever get a chance to check it out.  It’s basically a 4 story driving range and every floor is a lounge with a pool and bar.
A big thanks to Lance, Jason and their parents for their hospitality and making our trip super affordable and fun.

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